Intan Couple Dance Ball version 3 (BETA)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

We are excited to announce new version of Intan Couple Dance Ball. Bringing the cutting edge feature and combining different platforms making You and Your Guests have more immersive experience. Feature like the new ferventMe! Web Service will engage people more friendly in selecting dances. The Intan Appliances (experimental) will bound the animations to Your Environment (furnitures/appliances) and reducing the need jumping out-in between pose-balls.

To be note, as today announcement, Intan Couple Dance Ball version 3 is available as BETA Upgrade. You can upgrade to beta version and you can try our new demo area at cross of Intan Eksotics Store.

ferventMe! HUD
From all the interactivity in Second Life, for dynamic change selection, we are very dependent on Second Life only the blue/black dialog menu. The menu is very limited and unpalatable experience. We want to change this and we introduce the new HUD, ferventMe! HUD.

ferventMe! HUD is an expansion from the preceding Intan Couple Dance HUD.The new HUD is empowering Second Life Viewer feature that bring Web Rendering to the virtual 3D world. It's not the HUD that make the leap forward experience but the web service that list all available menu selection inside the HUD. You can easily scroll up-down to see all the available animation with much more intuitive experience, avoiding any pagination for the menu.

ferventMe! Web Service is not stop with new HUD, but you can extend it with your smart-phone devices. ferventMe! for smart-phone require iOS 6.0 on iPhone or iPod touch. You can try on other platform of smart-phone, but the result may vary as too much devices to try on the other end and not all have the requirement technology. So you can just goto:
Login on the web then you can access the menu of the new Intan Couple Dance Ball. If you do not know the password to login, You can use ferventMe! HUD at first, and you can set your own password from the HUD.

ferventMe! Web Service bring new features to Intan Couple Dance Ball version 3:

  1. Solo Dance Selection
    Instead just randomize the solo dance when you have no partner on the rezed pose-ball, You can change your solo dance from the selection.
  2. Swap animation
    With each swap button on each couple animation, you can just click/tap on the swap icon on specific couple animation to swap the specific animation.
With the Web User Interface, there are much more possibilities for enhancement in future.

Web Control Panel.
The Intan Couple Dance Ball version 3 now configured from Intan Eksotics Web, there is link on on the right side when you already login on the web. Or you, as Owner or Manager of the Intan Couple Dance Ball, can click-and-hold the Intan Couple Dance Ball for about 5 seconds and you will be given a unique url that you can follow to the Control Panel page to configure the Intan Couple Dance Ball.

The version 3 of Intan Couple Dance Ball removing the need of notecards in setting and recognizing couple animations. There is new Web Control Panel to make customization to the new Intan Couple Dance Ball. You can change general setting (previously set in Setting notecard) like greeting text, pose-ball positioning, listener channel, network name, title text, even change the shape and color of the pose-balls.

Sorting dances is ease as drag and drop and you can hide some animations and use them with Intan Appliances. Change couple animation name can be done in very intuitive way and you can out longer more descriptive name for ferventMe! Web Service. Assigning solo dances also as simple as clicking your mouse for male or/and female party.

RLV Capture Pose-ball
For you RLV Lovers, now it easier to capture or to be captured. Still, the victim have to have RLV enabled viewer and wear RLV Relay. And the total experience may vary depend on how far the RLV extension implemented on the third party viewer. Some newer third party viewer already can be forced to accept the animation request permission, but some not.

To capture a victim, you need to rez poseball from the Intan Couple Dance Ball by touching it, jump-in on your gender pose-ball, then touch the other pose-ball, you will be provided dialog with list of victim near you that you can grab and force joining you.

To be note, this feature have switch in Web Control Panel, you can enable or disable this feature based on your preferences.

Intan Couple Dance Remote
Intan Couple Dance Remote (ICDR) is an extended Intan Couple Dance Anyplace (ICDA), but it's not a replacement to ICDA. ICDA provide a very easy implementation to remote Intan Couple Dance Ball, but on some condition ICDA may not cover all your area. If you have multiple separated parcel in one sim, and there is another parcel in between your parcels that may block the pose-ball from Intan Couple Dance Ball, on this specific issue, we made new remote that let rezz the poseball directly on the target parcel.

Another case that need Intan Couple Dance Remote is whenever the Intan Couple Dance Ball have no-transfer animation, but the land have to deny build permission for group on deeded land. On this situation, ICDR can be deeded to the group and will remote Intan Couple Dance Ball that have proper group and network name.

But there is a caveat, Intan Couple Dance Remote will â??cacheâ?? pose-ball from related Intan Couple Dance Ball. When Intan Couple Dance Ball have new upgrade, the pose-ball inside ICDR need to be upgraded too. The upgrade process of the â??cachedâ?? pose-ball is semi-manual by touch-and-hold the ICDR for about 5 seconds and choose to update the pose-ball. Due to this complexity, ICDR will not replace ICDA, and just like modifiable ICDA need to be requested, ICDR also will be provided on your request.

Custom Key-frame
There are some couple animation maker that make waiting or custom key-frame for synchronization purpose. With the new Intan Couple Dance Ball, you can use the custom key-frame and you can have smoother re-synchronization process. You just need to extract the key-frame animation with the main dance animation from each original pose-ball and put them in the new Intan Couple Dance Ball.

Animation Assessment
Intan Couple Dance Ball v3 does not use any notecard nor use the animation name to recognize as couple dance/couple animation. To identify the animation inside the Intan Couple Dance Ball will do Animation Assessment. It require the owner of the Intan Couple Dance Ball or listed manager stay on the sim to accept the trigger animation permission. It will gather all the required data for each animation and send to Intan Eksotics Server for further process.

So on each reset of the new Intan Couple Dance Ball, expect your avatar plays all the animation inside your Intan Couple Dance Ball, in very short period for each animation. The time of the process will be depend on the number animations that you load.

Intan Appliances (EXPERIMENTAL!!)
WARNING! Intan Appliances is EXPERIMENTAL Feature of Intan Couple Dance Ball v3.

The idea of Intan Appliances, is not much differ than the first version of Intan Couple Dance Ball. Before Intan Couple Dance Ball, you need to jump-out from one pose-ball and jump-in to another pose-ball to change dance with your partner. When Intan Couple Dance Ball first arrive, it let you change dance without the need to jump-out and in between pose-balls.

With Intan Appliances, we want to widening the idea, which we want to reducing jump-out and in between pose-balls when you want to change furniture like chair, table or etc. Intan Appliance will make your Intan Couple Dance Ball become not only for dances, but many more for couple animation.

Why Experimental Status?
The complexity to configuring Intan Appliances prevent people to have ease way to setup. You will adjust each couple animation manually to the furniture, to let the animations have proper position. Due to time consuming and complexity for each furniture, at current shape of Intan Appliances, there will be no support for this feature. So if you want to implement this feature, we expect you know the basic editing of Second Life, and a little basic management of Intan Couple Dance Ball.

WE WILL NOT SUPPORT MIGRATION from MLP/XPose/NPose/DevPose or other system!
Intan Appliances is not replacement to MLP/XPose/NPose/DevPose or etc.

Using Intan Appliances
Using Intan Appliances, you just need to touch the furniture that already injected with Intan Appliance script. Depends on you already using pose-ball from Intan Couple Dance Ball, you will be given a menu dialog or your ferventMe! is updated. If you already in a pose-ball and opening ferventMe! first touch will just update the web and second touch will give you SL dialog menu.

On your selection, if you are not in pose-ball for related Intan Couple Dance Ball, a new pair of pose-ball will rez near the appliances. You can jump-in it and accept permission to trigger animation. If you already in pose-ball from related Intan Couple Dance Ball, you will be directly play the selected animation.

You can jump from one appliances to another with just touch the other appliances and select animation. To go to back to dance with your partner, you need to find specialized Dance Pad. Touch on the dance pad will bring you and your partner to dance on the pad in group mode, you also will be give the standard SL dialog menu for couple dance.

Upgrade Instruction

  1. Check your couple dance version by typing (saying) /88STATUS near your Intan Couple Dance Ball.
    If you have version atleast 2.0.0, you can do upgrade.
    If you have version 1, you need to contact Cecilia Zheng for manual upgrade, only people purchased directly at Intan Eksotics Store eligible to have upgrade!
  2. Take Your Intan Couple Dance Ball into your inventory and go to Intan Eksotics Upgrade Area.
  3. Rez Your Intan Couple Dance Ball on the Upgrader platform.
    If you already have version 3 or above, your Intan Couple Dance Ball will automatically upgraded and you can skip to step 5.
  4. If you have version 2, You will be sent folder "Intan CDB Upgrader" contain 1 script "Intan CDB3 Upgrader".
    Edit your Intan Couple Dance Ball and Drag & drop the script named "Intan CDB3 Upgrader" to your ICDB content folder.
  5. You will see progress operations perform the download of scripts and the installation of scripts.
  6. When it has completed, your Intan Couple Dance Ball will automatically reset and reload.
    When It does initialization, the Intan Couple Dance Ball will ask you permission to start animation for assess your notecards and animations. After the initialization, you may try it first, to make sure everything work, or you can just take it and place at your club/home again.
  7. Rez back your ICDB at your place.
    REMEMBER!!! Activate your proper Group according to your parcel!!
  8. If you have a custom "M Poseball", You have to re-apply the customization to the new "M Poseball"
    The upgrade will replace your "M Poseball" as it have new scripts that are incompatible with previous version. But now, you can custom your pose-ball from the Intan Couple Dance Ball Web Configurator.